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Panel Manager

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Agile Community Discussion Boards

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Configuring & managing discussion boards

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Creating discussion plans & topics

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Discussion board tool settings

The discussion board workspace

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Discussion board reporting

Chat Focus Groups & Video Interviews

Managing participants

Group Wizard

Group Manager

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Group Activity Dashboard

Group Workspace & Moderator Controls

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Media Manager

The Plan Manager

Plans - Discussion Topics

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Plans - Media, pages & image markup

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Plans - Usability Tasks

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Plans - Questions

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Plans - Slide Sets

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Plans - Surveys / Quiz

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Plans - Chat Prompts

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Online Web & Mobile Surveys

Getting Started With Survey Tool

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Managing your survey

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Online market research 101

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Website browser trouble shooting

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Moderating Discussion boards

Real-time live online groups and interviews

Preparation tips for Administrators & Moderators

Help For Participants

Help participating in discussion boards

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Help participating in live online groups & interviews

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Incentives and rewards

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